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How magical is this product called " magic towel"?

How magical is this product called " magic towel"?


 magic towel: as the name suggests, it can be understood as a product similar to towel that can be changed into various forms of pasting styles.

"One cloth with multiple uses and various forms" is the laudatory name of Baitie cloth by priority consumers.

A towel can be changed into a variety of forms. Without Velcro, it can achieve a fit of itself through its own special weaving method, and it is very firm. It is not the kind that will fall off if thrown casually.

And don't think there are restrictions on its fitting. There are no restrictions on the fitting. No matter you are round objects, square objects or some irregular objects, there is no problem. As long as the size is within the use range of hundred stickers, you can carry out a kind of package.

For example, home SLR, SLR Lens, mobile phone, notebook, tea cup, cosmetics, hand-made, glasses... These can be stored with hundred stickers.

It feels like a pocket of "Doraemon". It can hold everything, but it won't be lost when you want to use it. This is really a blessing, especially for girls who misplace cosmetics. It can not only be found immediately when using, but also will not lead to damage caused by random placement of items in contact with other items.

With it, the SLR lens is not afraid to touch, and the notebook is not afraid to linger;

With it, lipstick, eyebrow pencil and foundation make-up are not afraid to be lost;

With it, small objects are no longer afraid to lose;

It feels really great with it.

As a new product,  magic towel is believed to be recognized by many consumers in a short time.

As another key product of our company after digital printing, Xianbai sticker is not only excellent in quality, but also very awesome in price.

In addition, Baitie cloth also supports customization, and different Baitie cloth products can be produced according to different sizes and patterns.

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