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How do you wrap the baby towel?

How do you wrap the baby towel?


Wrapping your baby in a big towel after a bath is what most moms do. So, how do you wrap a baby in a towel? Xiaobian summed up, quick to understand it.

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Detailed steps are broken down as follows:

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1. Put the baby's head into the scarf and wrap the towel loosely around the baby's shoulders.

2. Put the baby flat, pick up the bath towel and put it loosely under the baby, and then wrap the other side, leaving the bottom corner intact.

3. Use the bottom of the bath towel to gently and quickly dry the baby's whole body, especially don't forget the wrinkles on the skin that are difficult to rub.

4. inherit the baby pat dry, but don't forget to change the diaper, otherwise you have to wash the baby again! Use a rubber duck to distract him while you dry him.

How to choose a baby bath towel?

baby bath towel

After the baby bath, we need to use a bath towel to wrap the baby quickly, so as not to catch a cold, the baby is different from adults, need to choose the right bath towel to make the baby more comfortable, the following is small make up for the baby to choose a bath towel some skills, I hope to help you mothers!

1. Thick and light

The thick bath towel absorbs water and warms the body. But if it's too heavy, it can be a worry when it comes to cleaning. It doesn't rub easily, it doesn't dry easily. So choose a big towel that is thick and light.

2.Plain and elegant

Plain bath towels are generally processed without dyes. If there is a dyeing process, choose towels that are environmentally friendly and dyed without any additives. Also can cut velvet, without twist, jacquard and other craft weave a beautiful decorative pattern on plain bath towel, there is no lack of refined.

3. Solid but fine

A good bath towel should be firm but not rough. Take a look at whether the edge of the bath towel and trademark made the joint of the hidden processing, you can judge the bath towel you see enough "delicate".

4. Soft and dense

Look at the material on the label when you buy. The raw materials used in good bath towels are generally superior combed cotton or long staple cotton. Although the cost is on the high side, but the bath towel quality of a material that weaves into so is dense, feel is soft. Because bath towel often needs high temperature disinfection, catharsis, should choose those to be the bath towel of raw material with the plant fiber that resists heat so.

Through the above introduction, I think you mothers have understood the selection skills of baby bath towels. I hope that through this article, you can let mothers choose a bath towel suitable for your baby.

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