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For the same cotton towels, why is the price difference so big?

by:Busyman Towels     2021-03-20

I believe many people are wondering why we buy towels, which are also made of pure cotton, and the styles are similar, but the prices are quite different. As a professional towel manufacturer, I will tell you today that the same cotton towels are the same. Why are the prices so different?

1. Material

A good product must first choose the fabric. For towel brands, how to choose fabrics is the most important thing. Good brand towels are selected from high-quality cotton materials, skin-friendly, soft, moisture-absorbing and breathable, and of good quality. All indicators exceed the national standards and have a price advantage compared to the same towels.

2, craft

The most direct manifestation of the level of product quality is the workmanship, and the quality of the process depends on the level of water accumulation of the workers. But now that labor costs are getting higher and higher, the wages of high-skilled front-line workers are also higher. This also greatly increases production costs. The pure cotton towel manufactured by good craftsmanship has exquisite workmanship, smooth and even cloth surface, fine texture, clear printing and rich luster.

3, quality control

Quality control is a matter of principle. Strict quality control level means that there will be defective products, which are the most direct loss of profit for manufacturers.

4. Service

Many people believe that towels should be purchased in physical stores to be more secure. But if the physical store has no service, it is worse than e-commerce. For example, if you buy cheap towels from a mobile vendor, do you think he will take care of you if there is a quality problem?

The above 4 points are the factors that pull the price of cotton towels. Have you finally figured out why the towels you bought are more expensive than others!

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