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Easily solve the problem of towel fading

by:Busyman Towels     2021-03-11

One, pickling method

For brightly colored towels, you can soak in some edible vinegar in water for a few minutes before washing. This method can keep the towel bright and clean as new;

Second, soaking method

The towels just bought are soaked in concentrated salt water for half an hour when they are put into the water for the first time, and then washed with water. If there is still color fading, you can add a little salt every time you wash, so that the towel will not fade;

Three, cleaning method

After rinsing the cotton towel, you can add a few drops of toilet water in clean water, and then soak in the clean water for a few minutes. This method can not only prevent the towel from fading, but also eliminate bacteria and viruses, and remove the smell of sweat.

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