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Don\'t throw in the towel, turn it into a tote bag

by:Busyman Towels     2020-03-03
Summer is coming to an end, but don\'t throw in now.
Take it to the beach or pool.
I admit that this summer I had my son go for a five-week summer camp and his backpack was stuffed with a rather shabby towel with a swimsuit, lunch and water bottle.
But when I imagine myself squeezing on the beach, I would rather have a thick towel, preferably with a pillow pad, which would also protect my sunscreen and books and hang on my shoulders.
So I tested three ways to make the towel easier to carry.
One folded into a backpack, one folded into a tote bag, and the third folded into a simpler sling.
Here\'s what I found out, the ratings for each method are from 1 to 10, 10 indicating the cheapest, easiest and best result: BACKPACKThis method, find on Craftaholics anonymous website the length of the cotton bundle or strap included in the towel, fold it in half, make it into a pocket, and then sew it on the top edge of the beach towel or oversized bath towel.
The long side of the big towel then folds to the center.
The towel is rolled up from the bottom and can be stuffed into the pocket to form a compact bundle with straps that can be carried with you like a backpack.
There\'s plenty of room in your pocket to stuff in small items like keys, sunglasses, or magazines.
Although other methods are more fashionable because they are integrated into other fabrics, this is the simplest and fastest of the three technologies.
A note: The initial instructions require the strap to be only 10 inch long.
This leads to a backpack that can only be worn by a fairly small child.
I ended up increasing the length to about 22 inch and found this to be almost correct for my frame.
Cost: 7 Easy: 9 results: 7 tote towel-into-
On a blog called \"more like home\", the handbag tutorial is more like my style: it has a pillow at one end of the towel, folded up, there are plenty of pockets to store reading materials and other items.
The technique also produces a slightly longer towel as it includes two large bath towels.
Cut a towel in half and fold and sew it together to make a pillowcase.
Then sew the case on the second towel and plug it in.
However, I took the advice of a blog reviewer that instead of filling my pocket with fiber, I folded the unused part of the first towel.
In this way, it can be removed and used as an additional drying-
Take off the towel on the beach or pillow.
Pockets and straps are sewn on the back of the towel, and when it rolls up, the pocket ends along the side of the bundle.
This method takes the longest time and is the most difficult because it includes covering the cutting edge of the towel with fabric, making straps and pockets, and adding hooksand-
When the tote bag is all rolled up, fix the top of the tote bag together with ring tape.
It is also the most expensive because it includes buying two large towels and a yard of cloth, although it does produce the most novel results.
Cost: 5 easy: 5 results: 8 slthe third item comes from the blog of fabric designer Anna Maria Horner and unlike the other two, does not include any way to carry other items
Although you can roll up your swimsuit in a towel.
But the results are also less bulky and leaner, so it\'s a way if your goal is to keep your child from dragging towels on the ground.
This method involves sewing a wide fabric sleeve on the top edge of the towel and adding two straps
A short cycle and a long cycle.
When the towel is rolled up, the long ring passes through the shorter ring, holding the towel with neat rolls and forming a long handle for easy carrying.
Putting most of the towels into the sleeves of the fabric and stitching smoothly is trickier than expected, but on top of that, it\'s a fairly easy project.
It\'s also the cheapest, it only needs a towel and it takes about three --
A yard of cloth.
Cost: 8 easy: 7 results: 7
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