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Don't buy this kind of towel!

Don't buy this kind of towel!


Some people always ask our company's customer service: how is your towel more expensive than others?

In 2020, the 315 Gala, which was postponed for four months due to the epidemic, was officially held. The 315 gala opened, CCTV named Baojun automobile, qu Headlines, hi network, burger King and other enterprises. In addition, CCTV 315 gala also exposed the problem of hebei Gaoyang black heart towels, involving the towel industry. At present, related brand towels have been removed from all e-commerce platforms such as Pinduoduo, JD.com, Taobao, Tmall and Suning.

According to the 2020 CCTV 315 gala, Gaoyang County in Hebei province is the largest towel production base in China, with an annual output of 5 billion towels, about one-third of the total in the country. However, the reporter visited Gaoyang, but learned that although marked with the implementation of national standards, but some towels actually can not guarantee qualified testing.

The reporter learned in the interview, the production line of the local enterprise is generally divided into two kinds, one kind of towel can ensure the inspection is qualified, and the other kind of towel will use cheap yarn processing, not up to the national standard. Practitioners exposed the secret: "formal cotton a ton of more than 16,000 yuan, 14 yarn scraps more cheap, but depilation rate is not a standard."

So, what materials are used and how is the yarn made?

In Gaoyang County Xin Liuzuo village, the reporter found an enterprise specializing in the production of towel yarn, the reporter saw that the factory production workshop has a pool of ingredients, the pool is used to spin the raw materials of towel yarn, some of the above are also contaminated with green stains, there is a pungent taste, inside the impurities are clearly visible. Manager feng told reporters that most of these raw materials are recycled cotton. By recycled cotton, the industry refers to the various scraps, scraps and threads of some textile mills that are carded and reflowered into recycled or recycled cotton, which is cheaper than new cotton. Gaoyang and the surrounding many towel factory yarn production enterprises, each output is less than 100 tons, more than hundreds of tons, then, these recycled cotton, and how to process it?

In Nanjingzhai village in Handan, Hebei province, the raw materials used to produce recycled cotton are shocking. There are mountains of old clothes in the factory, including sweaters, coats, long Johns, and even worn underwear and socks. After no sterilizing process, the old clothes are chopped up by the machine, and several flowering procedures, and the packaging of the products, still without any warning signs.

These waste materials, even recycled cotton processed from old clothes, without any product information or warning, are sold to yarn factories to make yarn. The yarn also does not have any product information or warning, and is sold to towel factories to make towels. And for the raw materials in the existence of a variety of problems, each link practitioners are well aware. "The unqualified towels, with labels that meet national standards, are sold throughout the country through small and medium-sized supermarkets, wholesale markets and e-commerce." A general manager of a textile company told reporters that the towel, which does not meet the test standards, can be sold to about 50 million yuan a year.

BUSYMAN wouldn't make a black towel. Our company's raw material is imported A+ grade cotton yarn. BUSYMAN towels are expensive, but the quality is guaranteed. Everyone can rest assured to use!

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