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Do temperature and humidity affect the quality of digital printed towels?

Do temperature and humidity affect the quality of digital printed towels?


It also happened to rain in Nantong earlier, so the humidity was relatively high. This morning, a technician from a digital printing factory came to our company and asked us why their products were so different in color these two days.

The technology introduction time of this enterprise is only less than two months, and the production technicians also learn while producing after the technology introduction. Since we have known each other for many years, our company has actually provided them with a lot of help during the introduction of technology.

Color difference, and for this product is in after asking is also found in yesterday when they produce no set production workshop become a state of constant temperature and humidity, and yesterday's humidity is very big, the temperature is low, so under the influence of temperature and humidity is directly for the product printing color caused great impact.

Code printing technology is actually need to be produced in the workshop of constant temperature and humidity, because the temperature and humidity of the weather will have a great impact on the printing effect of digital printing. Because digital printing is the ink directly through the high-precision nozzle directly printed to the fabric, so if the temperature and humidity are very different, there will be a great difference. This is why digital printing technology production must be carried out under constant temperature and humidity.

And now experienced production technicians can also adjust the color of the design draft on the computer according to different weather factors, so that the product with the same color can still be produced under the condition of big changes in weather factors. However, this kind of operation requires a period of experience.

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