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Digital printing five technical difficulties

Digital printing five technical difficulties


Digital printing is a kind of technology evolved with the development of computer technology and printing process, in the process of evolution gradually formed a set of machinery, computer, the Internet want to connect a process. The development history of digital printing is only 20 years, and the development time of traditional flat screen and circular screen printing is far from that of traditional flat screen and circular screen printing, so digital printing is not perfect in equipment production and technology application. In the process of practical application, there are many problems to be improved, such as product quality. From the current technical level, there are five technical difficulties in digital printing.

First, the color method is not scientific

While traditional printing uses color blocks to adjust colors one by one, digital printing mixes colors on the principle of quadrochromatic separation, so color adjustments can only be made on a computer. At present, toners engaged in digital printing industry are toning with PS software, and PS toning is mainly for printing industry ink and paper, its parameters are not scientific enough for textiles.

Second, the sizing system is not perfect

The main auxiliaries and sizing equipment should fully meet the requirements of digital printing. However, there is a lack of special equipment in sizing uniformity, sizing on demand, speed, weft inclination control, etc. Auxiliaries also lack personalization.

Three, the color brightness is not high enough

If digital printing is based on dark green, cyan, coffee and other colors of the three colors, that color needs yellow, green, magenta, black in three or four ink mix out. When yellow, cyan and magenta are mixed, a certain grayscale will be produced, resulting in poor brilliance of the color.

Most of the colors of digital printing are three colors, which need three or four inks in yellow, green, magenta and black to mix together. There will be a certain gray level, and the digital printing effect of the T-shirt after printing is poor in brightness.

In addition to color mixing caused by the color brightness is poor, digital printing with reactive dye, will also cause the color brightness is not high, the reasons are as follows: reactive dye black ink problem; Trichromatic dye color is not standard; Slurry water absorption and seepage; Water absorption of fabrics and dyes.

Four, the size of ink droplets can not be adjusted according to the flower type

Nowadays, digital printing machines sold in the market can adjust the size of ink droplets automatically. But this adjustment is completely the overall ink drop adjustment, that is, adjust the ink drop 10PL printing, all nozzles should be supplied according to 10PL; When adjusting ink droplet 50PL printing, all nozzle ink droplet size can only be 50PL. Therefore, the digital printing machine can not automatically change the size of ink jet according to the different situation of the pattern, according to the block surface and different parts of the line, so that the same pattern can not be sprayed with different sizes of lines, so that the beauty of the pattern is greatly reduced.

Five, the color reenactment is poor

There are two main reasons for the poor reproducibility of digital printing:

(1) four color separation principle, four color mixing principle is through yellow, green, magenta reflected light mixed in space to form a secondary or tertiary color. Therefore, as long as any one of the yellow, green, magenta color changes, the mixed color will change accordingly.

(2) Reactive dyes, currently used in digital printing reactive dye inks, most of them are high-temperature K-type dyes, humidity is an important factor affecting the fuel, fabric moisture content, humidity in the air and humidity in the steam box, any one of the factors is wrong, will cause the color deviation of digital printing.

Digital printing to more rapid development, first of all to solve the five problems above, and hope that in the future in the process of the development of digital printing, can continue to improve, such as finding scientific color method; Perfecting sizing system of digital printing machine and developing better auxiliaries; Improve the brightness of the color; Developed a control system that can adjust the size of ink droplets; Improve the repeatability of color, etc.

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