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Comparison of reactive printing and digital printing processing technology

Comparison of reactive printing and digital printing processing technology


Printing technology has two branches: active printing and digital printing processing!

Two different printing technology, representing different printing process, printing range, printing cost, printing advantage!

Enterprises in the selection of printing services, according to the differences of the two printing technology, to make a choice!

These two kinds of printing technology, compare the process, distinguish which wins which loses!

First look at the ingredients of both:

1: active printing, the important ingredients are: water, reactive dye, sodium alginate (or starch printing paste).

2: digital printing processing, adopt active digital printing process printing. (The same!)

Look at the printing equipment of both:

1: active printing suitable printing equipment: rotary screen printing machine, flat screen printing machine, manual screen printing platform.

2: digital printing processing equipment: digital printing machine. The required pattern is treated by computer color separation, and the dye ink is directly sprayed onto the fabric to obtain the required pattern.

Then look at the technological process and printing advantages of both:

1: active printing: the actual operation process is slightly more complicated than watermark printing and offset printing. After printing, it must be steamed, washed, dried and fixed color.

2: digital printing process: cloth sizing, direct spray printing, steaming, washing, drying, shaping.

Strengths: soft to the touch, with a delicate luster, good fastness.

Finally, look at the cost of printing processing:

1: active printing: lower cost.

2: Digital printing: high cost.

So who wins and who loses?

Reactive printing has its own advantages and disadvantages, as does digital printing proofing technology!

For a small amount of printing, reactive printing may be cheaper, digital printing slightly more expensive!

But if from the batch printing, digital printing cost reduced, active printing investment cost increased!

Therefore, we should not blindly say who must be good and who must be bad when comparing them.

Enterprises or individuals according to their actual needs, choose the right printing technology to achieve printing proofing needs! What suits you is the best!

But digital printing proofing, is currently more popular and widely used printing technology, for enterprises, factories in large quantities of printing demand, very efficient and very cheap! So, more popular!

Comparison of active printing with digital printing:

1. No plate making, low proofing fee, proofing speed (Busy Man digital printed towel the fastest 2 days out of sample);

2. No color restriction, no size restriction, strong three-dimensional sense, colorful flowers;

3. Low moQ;

4. Fast delivery time (can be a week of large goods);

5. Energy saving and environmental protection, waste water per ton of digital printed towel manufacturing is more than 40% less than traditional printing;

6. All imported ink is used for digital printed towels with high color fastness, which can reach level 4-5 basically and does no harm to the skin.

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