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Company Profile

Company Profile


The headquarters of Shenzhen Kaile Textile Technology Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu Non-Lazy Textile Co., Ltd.) is located in Nantong, the world-famous home textile capital. (Towel weaving as one of its pillar industries, with excellent quality and excellent service has won the trust of many customers in Japan.) Jiangsu Non-Lazy Textile Co., Ltd. is relying on such regional industrial background and has developed to this day.
The company was established in February 2010.
In December 2010, the company was named "Best Trader of the Year" by Alibaba.
In April 2011, the company's revenue exceeded 10 million.
In May 2012, the company was rated as AAA credit enterprise.
In March 2014, it signed a long-term cooperation agreement with “Nantong Dahua Towel Co., Ltd.”, and the factory has 40 jacquard rapier looms.
In October 2014, the company won the {24}{25} trademark "not lazy" "BIZ MAN" certificate, opening the road to global brand.
In April 2015, the company established a sewing and inspection factory.
In December 2015, the company expanded its factory and invested in the latest production line of cotton digital printing.
In September 2016, he successfully applied for two patents for inventions and utility models of Digital Positioning Printing.
In October 2016, Nantong Coffee Music Textile Technology Co., Ltd. was established.
In 2018, the company imported all imported Zimmer digital printing machines.
In January 2019, "Shenzhen Coffee Music Technology Co., Ltd." was established.

Company strength

Company and factory integration: 3 senior digital print colorists, 9 years of home textile design experience
16 domestic and foreign monographs with professional digital printing knowledge
Regular use of combed cotton 21 yarns with 40 threads, square grams weight 400-450 GSM,
The stock storage capacity is 60,000 m / month, and the daily output is 13,000 square meters.
3 days proofing, 10 days delivery, imported environmentally friendly ink
A digital printing line that is the most advanced in the country and hopes to have more than 2 million 8 colors and 32 nozzles
A digital printing line of more than 600 million 8-color 64 nozzles imported by Zimmer

zimmer-Colaris imported high-speed digital printing machine

Hope Gaoke HF01 high speed digital printing machine
With exclusive fabric weaving process to ensure product excellence, professional team to provide you with quality and customizable processing services.
It has two high-speed cotton digital printing production lines. 1 day quick sampling, 7 days mass production and shipping. High production, high efficiency and high quality are the solemn promises of our team's customers.
We have a system service such as weaving, cut velvet, bleaching, printing, steaming, washing, drying, laser, cutting, sewing, and inspection and packaging.

For ten years, the company has always focused on towel products. The main products include: square towel, bath towel, beach towel, sports towel, tea towel, hotel towel, bathrobe, pajamas, etc.

In 2011, the company's annual sales reached 10 million RMB. In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, it is not lazy to manage and be brave in innovation. It is the first to pass the Sedex audit in the national towel industry, 4-pillar standard. And the company's comprehensive competitive strength ranks among the top in the domestic industry, and it has become one of the professional production and export enterprises of towels with the most advanced technology, the most sophisticated equipment, the best quality, the most competitive and the development potential.

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