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Car maintenance tips: car paint scratch?

Car maintenance tips: car paint scratch?


With the popularity of private cars, even many families will have several cars, washing the car will become one of the daily cleaning work at home, unless you go to the car wash, if you wash the car, even if every time you are very careful, or will accidentally scratch the float. Why is that? The main reason is not choosing the right washcloth or washing the car the wrong way.

First of all, talk about the car wash towel, the more popular car towel on the market are generally ultrafine fiber towel, will not use cotton towel, because cotton towel although more comfortable, but will shed hair, and not strong enough, car wash is easy to hook rotten. There is also a commonly used car wash tool in a car wash is a car wash sponge, which is more suitable for washing with car wash liquid, and will make the foam more dense.

Then, it is necessary to pay attention to the cleaning sequence of the car and what to pay attention to in each step.

1. First, wash the car body with a large area of water. It is necessary to pay attention to the selection of clean water to wash.

2. The body of the large area of dust, coarse sand washed off, you can use a soft brush or wash towel to wipe the body, do not dry wipe, otherwise it will scratch the car paint, if there are oil stains, adhesive paper and other stubborn stains, do not scrape, with the help of some cleaning agent.

3. In addition, the whole cleaning order of the car, do not mess with, from the inside to the outside, from the top to the bottom of the order to wipe the car. The car glass finally wipe, it is recommended that we wipe the car glass with a soft microfiber towel to wipe the car glass, water absorption is good and wipe the glass quickly and clean.

4. After cleaning the car, it is also necessary to use a special towel to dry the body. If it is not a special towel, it is easy to leave a nap, and a good towel will not scratch the car paint.

If you go to the car wash in the car wash, on the way back and encounter rain or other accidents and dirty car, we do not be impatient, just casually find a rag to rub a rub, not only will not wipe clean, dry towel to wipe the floating dust of the car, not only will scratch the float, but also leave floating hair.

To remind you that the general towel is not casually used to wipe the car, wipe the car towel need to choose some fiber is delicate towel, as long as the purchase of good quality ultrafine fiber towel, not only can improve the efficiency of scrubbing the car, do not scrub repeatedly, save time and effort, but also can wash cleaner.

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