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Can towel printing be customized? Ten years of experience will tell you

Can towel printing be customized? Ten years of experience will tell you


Towel, is not everyone daily use to wipe face, wipe body? This should also be the understanding of the vast majority of people. So in the previous chat with some consumers, when asked whether they have used printed towels, many of them said that towels can be printed? After talking to them a little more, they were curious about the product, and the towel printing can be customized.

Like everybody else before you started this business, you didn't know that. Especially when it comes to towel printing customization is really hard to imagine. In my previous life, in addition to plain towels, I had come into contact with some embroidered and jacquard towels. These towels had some patterns that looked very nice at that time, but after entering the printing industry, I found that I was still too ignorant and did not know the important technology of towel printing.

When I saw it for the first time, I thought it was nice. I had never seen it before. When I saw such a towel, it was novel, nice and fierce. At the beginning, I was exposed to the traditional printing towel technology. At that time, the technology of digital printing towel technology was already very good. At that time, there were still some technical defects, so the company did not introduce advanced digital printing technology at that time. At that time the traditional printed at the time of production proofing is need to plate making, after making the version to be able to produce, printed on the towel for customized printing design, just like printing design is has some limitations, now a lot of designers in design can have many kinds of color, if it is to use the traditional printing restrictions should be with tinted so, Multiple colors don't always show. But it was pretty advanced back then.

And then as digital printing technology improved, digital printing technology was introduced because it was so good.

Digital printing, for example, has no restriction on color matching, so it's actually better for designers to do more.

And these towels are basically need proofing before production, so with traditional printing needs plate making, and digital printing does not need plate making, and save time and save proofing costs, is not happy to think about.

There is also the advantage of printing speed, as long as the quantity is not very large, in fact, you eat a meal or watch a movie, your product has been printed. Digital towel printing is really nice.

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