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Black technology busyman hundred stickers are really "not" simple

Black technology busyman hundred stickers are really "not" simple


Do you have such trouble? There are a lot of high-end electronic products around us, but most of the electronic products do not give a suitable protective appliance as a gift, and different products need to buy corresponding protective appliances. Originally, electronic products made great efforts to reduce weight, but we always put bulky protective covers on them in order to protect our beloved things. We are really unwilling!

However, there are more and more things in my bag, and electronic products are more and more delicate. Cameras, Kindle, tablet, Nintendo switch, headphones, power bank, various data cables, wallets, keys... Fill my bag in turn. When things are pushed together, it's easy to scratch each other. Looking at the white scratches on the screen, my heart will bleed. These devices need to buy special protective equipment separately. In addition, I bring a computer bag and a camera bag. I feel tired when I think about it

But don't worry, a polymer black technology hundred stickers that can "wrap the world" was born. I will help you solve the above problems every minute and turn into a fashion expert. Bei Er has a face!

In the research and development process of Gaojian Baitie cloth, Gaozhi image has always focused on solving users' pain points, and launched this smart and fast storage Baitie cloth. The storage is fast enough, the protection is good enough, and the use is wide enough. It is not limited to one storage form.

We do not need to consider the shape of the object. No matter the shape of the object is square or round, or other strange shapes, it can be perfectly wrapped.

Where is this cloth black technology? It is completely free from the restrictions of Velcro, that is to say goodbye to Velcro! The special weaving method not only does not make the surface produce barbed hands and barbs like Velcro, but it can be pasted gently.

The most special thing about busyman hundred stickers is that they can fit themselves. It adopts high polymer materials and special weaving methods, and its fitting and use are not subject to any restrictions. In addition, it is tested that when the Gaojian hundred tape is bonded on both sides, the pulling force reaches 0.9n/c ㎡ in the straight direction and 0.7n/c ㎡ in the horizontal direction, and excellent firmness can be obtained. The most important thing is not afraid of being dirty. Clean it and continue to use it!

At the same time, the fabric is very soft and comfortable, and can even be used as a cleaning cloth. It can be said that it takes great care of expensive cameras or computer equipment. You can discard the bulky computer bag and liner bag. With only this cloth, you can protect the computer well.

If you accidentally overturn a glass of water, you don't have to worry, because busyman hundred stickers also have certain dust-proof and splash proof functions, which can protect your beloved items from invasion.

Moreover, the busyman sticker has certain thermal insulation. In cold winter, the lithium battery activity of many devices will decline. Wrapping it with busyman sticker can greatly prolong its service life!

What is more surprising is that the black Technology cloth, which was originally designed to wrap cameras, lenses, laptops and iPads, is popular in the women's market because of its self-adhesive function and is deeply loved by beauty professionals. It is tightly wrapped without leaving any gaps, so that small cosmetics will not shake and wear in the bag, and will not be carelessly scattered on the ground. It is a must for lazy people to store.

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