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Bamboo fiber baby bath towel

Bamboo fiber baby bath towel


The baby's skin is tender, the body resistance is weak, analysis of a variety of angles, think bamboo fiber towel is good. Because the bamboo fiber towel is hard, absorbent and antibacterial, it gives the baby gentle skin and safe shelter. The detailed characteristics of the bamboo fiber towel are as follows:

① feel good, soft than cotton.

As if silk, the thickness of baby skin is 1/10 of adult skin, washing face with cotton towel will let the baby no longer afraid to wash face, using soft bamboo fiber towel will let the baby experience more care.

② Super water absorption.

The water absorption of bamboo fiber towel is 3.5 times that of cotton, which is determined by the hollow structure. After taking a bath, the baby is covered with water, and the bamboo fiber bath towel is used to suck up the water quietly, very quickly.

③, anti-harmful substances,

Anti-mite function of direct war mouth towel fabric, do not breed harmful substances, to the physical and mental health protection. Bamboo does not bear insects, and its fiber retains its original function of killing harmful substances. Bamboo towel hanging for 24 hours to sterilize more than 75%.

④The inhibition rate of ultraviolet radiation is 417 times that of cotton, which is close to 100%. The maximum burn rate on human body is 200-400nm

⑤, fiber fineness is 1/30 of the hair can go deep into pores.

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