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Baby bath towel pure cotton or bamboo fiber is better

Baby bath towel pure cotton or bamboo fiber is better


Before everybody is in when using bath towel, always choose the bath towel of pure cotton. Pure cotton feels good and is good for your skin. Now there are bamboo towel, people began to choose bamboo towel. And for these two kinds of bath towel, in the end which should be chosen, we will know the baby towel pure cotton or bamboo fiber is better.

Baby bath towel pure cotton or bamboo fiber is better

Pure cotton bath towel, after washing and drying, bath towel will become particularly hard, but also often have a peculiar smell, water absorption will become worse and worse. This is because pure cotton bath towel is easy to breed bacteria, antibacterial and bactericidal ability is not good, and water absorption is not good, if the bath towel is used for a long time to contact the skin, it can be imagined that a bath towel with a lot of bacteria and skin contact, will bring much harm to the body.

Bamboo fiber is high quality natural bamboo as raw material, 100% natural, through the special high-tech process, the bamboo cellulose extracted, and then through the glue, spinning and other processes and the production of regenerated cellulose fiber! Bamboo fiber home textile series, enjoy the reputation of "breathing ecological home textile", "fiber queen" and so on! So it is better to choose bamboo fiber for baby bath towels.

Bamboo fiber magic six functions

1. antibacterial and bacteriostatic function: the original good cultivated Escherichia coli, staphylococcus and other harmful bacteria, put bacteria in cotton, wood fiber products can be a large number of reproduction, in the bamboo fiber fabric cloth for an hour, the bacteria disappeared 48%, after 24 hours was killed 75%;

2. Super health function: the negative ion concentration in bamboo fiber is as high as 6000 / cm3, which is equivalent to the negative ion concentration in suburban fields, making the human body feel fresh and comfortable;

3.Hygroscopic and dehumidifying function: The porous structure of bamboo fiber has good hygroscopic and dehumidifying function, and automatically adjusts the humidity balance of human body;

4.deodorant adsorption function: bamboo fiber internal special ultra-fine pore structure makes it has strong adsorption capacity, can absorb formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ammonia and other harmful substances in the air, and eliminate bad odor;

5. heat storage and thermal insulation function: bamboo fiber far infrared emissivity up to 0.87, heat storage and thermal insulation is much better than the traditional fiber fabric;

6. soft and comfortable function: bamboo fiber has a fine fineness, soft feel; Good whiteness, bright color; Strong toughness and wear resistance, unique resilience; Strong longitudinal and transverse strength, and stable uniform, good drape.

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