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Answer: Why After The Transfer Of The Product Will Appear Black Dot?

Answer: Why After The Transfer Of The Product Will Appear Black Dot?


This morning, a brother who just introduced digital heat transfer printing left a message to our company on the backstage: he said he just introduced digital heat transfer printing, but there will always be black spots after the transfer in the production process. Would like to ask how should such a problem be solved?


In fact, those who know our company know that our company is engaged in all-cotton digital printing towel customization, but our company is digital direct spray, rather than digital heat transfer, but the black spots are also encountered by our company, here we will talk to you about some of the methods we deal with.

1. The fabric is not clean

The biggest possibility of black spots is that the fabric is not handled well. If the fabric is dirty, then you will definitely have black spots in print. Therefore, before production, we must ensure that the fabric is clean and tidy. Otherwise, it's really not worth the candle.

But ah, in fact, the fabric is not easy to see a lot of spots/hair, you think it is clean, in fact, it is not. This thought of clean fabric, once the color of the machine will go up, there will be a variety of small points affecting the effect of the product, such a situation must be ready to clean the fabric before.

2. The transfer paper is dirty

The production of digital heat transfer printing is more like transfer printing. After the heat transfer printing machine, the transfer paper and unprinted face to face paste together, through the machine under the condition of about 210℃(400T), at such high temperature, the dye on the transfer paper sublimates and transfers to the fabric, to complete the printing process. So if there will be black spots on the towel after printing, if it is not the fabric, to a large extent there may be a problem with the transfer paper.

3. The machine guide belt is not cleaned

As we have said above, heat transfer is to transfer the pattern on the paper to the fabric through the machine, so if there are no other problems in the case of black spots, the guide belt is not cleaned or not cleaned will lead to such a problem.

4. Too hot

When heat transfer printing, the temperature is very high, but if the temperature is too high, it will cause some impact on the fabric and transfer printing, such as the black dot problem in the article, which will occur in the case of too high temperature. At this time, the temperature must be adjusted to the appropriate temperature, so that not only can avoid the situation of black spots, but also can make the transfer effect is much better.

5. Environmental dust

The production of digital printing workshop environment and temperature, humidity are required, in different temperature and humidity will have a great impact on the printing effect. Dust in the environment can cause black spots on the fabric, but this is relatively rare.

As an advanced and rapidly developing printing technology, digital printing is being introduced by many enterprises. However, advanced technology also needs professional operation. Only after the accumulation of time can it maintain a stable mass production state.


Our stable mass production on the towel for 11 years, the introduction of cotton digital printing towel technology also has 7 years of time, stable mass production is not a problem, quality is not a problem, there is a need can be directly below the article message or call consultation.

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