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Analysis of the causes of towel hair loss

by:Busyman Towels     2021-03-15

Causes of cotton towel shed hair:

(1) The cotton yarn is of lower grade and more short fibers (our company uses a Siro spun cotton yarn, which does not shed hair)

(2) The bleaching and dyeing technology is immature, and the cooking time is too long, which will damage the cotton fiber. A chemical agent (polishing enzyme) can be used in the bleaching and dyeing process to treat short fibers to specifically treat the surface floating phenomenon.

(3) The washing method is not appropriate. Some washing companies use inferior detergents to save costs, and some washing companies use excessive softeners and bleaching agents for outstanding effects.

(4) The hotel stock towels (over 6 months) are improperly stored and placed in a space with excessive humidity, which will damage the cotton fiber organization.

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