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Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of gauze towels

by:Busyman Towels     2021-03-11

Towels are our common daily necessities. Because they are used close to our skin, we must choose high-quality towels with environmentally friendly and healthy materials. When many people choose towels, the first reaction is to choose pure cotton towels, which are soft. , Comfortable, good water absorption, in fact, gauze towels are better to use.

The gauze towel has many advantages. The material is environmentally friendly and healthy. It is very suitable for people with soft and sensitive skin. The gauze towel first appeared in Japan. It can effectively wipe off the dirt, and the texture is gentle and delicate. It is very comfortable to use, so the gauze towel is made of The benefits and use will spread slowly. Let us understand the advantages and disadvantages of gauze towels.

The reason why the gauze towel is so easy to use is mainly due to its material and production process. The gauze towel is made of double-layer gauze material and no twist process. It has good sweat absorption effect, good flexibility and comfort, and is natural and environmentally friendly. It is especially suitable for newborn babies, people with sensitive skin or respiratory tract allergies, and people who love to exercise and travel frequently. This kind of towels that need better materials and can bring them perfect care, and gauze towels meet these requirements.

The advantages and disadvantages of gauze towels

1. Good moisture absorption

The gauze cloth used in the gauze towel has the same advantages as pure cotton. It has a lot of good hygroscopicity, quickly absorbs moisture, can be used for a long time, and is soft and not stiff and does not hurt the skin. It is very suitable for babies and protects them. Soft skin.

2, good air permeability

Although the gauze towel is made of double-layer gauze, its breathability is not inferior to that of pure cotton towels. The gauze towels also have a good wet function, are more breathable in use, have strong water absorption, and feel soft.

3, antibacterial and mite removal

Many towels are not easy to clean after use. I agree that they accumulate dirt and produce bacteria. Gauze towels are easy to clean and dry, and effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria. They are close to the skin, non-irritating, no peculiar smell, and healthier to use. .

4, beautiful and no hair loss

Most towels of the size level will shed hair, which is very uncomfortable to use. The gauze towel can discharge the loops well without worrying about the hair loss, reduce the chance of fluff inhalation into the lungs, and the appearance design of the gauze towel is beautiful , The color is beautiful, and there are many styles for everyone to choose.

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