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All aspects are in the promotion of digital printing fire is difficult

All aspects are in the promotion of digital printing fire is difficult


The epidemic is still the same, but digital printing is still developing very rapidly.

As stated in the previous article, because of the epidemic situation, people are more in favor of intelligent production, many traditional printing enterprises are transforming to intelligent technology.In the last year has also been a lot of traditional printing enterprises for digital printing technology transformation.Many enterprises that did not successfully transform last year are also thinking that they can make a big change this year.

Unlike the previous digital printing technology, the current digital printing technology is not mature, so the production cost is very high and the product effect is only average, and there is no that kind of feeling that gives people a very great.However, in recent years, the production of digital printing technology has been very good, not only in the cost has been greatly reduced, but also the quality of the product is directly unique first gear.

In fact, when it comes to the improvement of technology, the development of complementary equipment and ink is also constantly developing.As digital printing machine from a nozzle gradually turned into a now in 2, 4, 8, and so on, the color is also less from the previous color now directly matches the tens of millions of kinds of colors, almost you can think of color can be sprayed printed by digital printing technology, and the machine production speed is also the development faster and faster, like small make up said before (if the order is not too big lunch time can print directly to the end).

Our company now has two high-speed digital printing machines, one is the domestic advanced value of 2.2 million hope high-tech high-speed digital direct spraying printing machine, 8 colors 32 Japanese Star 1024 nozzle, the speed can reach 150 meters/hour;One is a 6.5 million Zimmer-Coaris3 high-speed digital printing machine imported from Austria, with 8 colors and 64 Japanese Seiko nozzles, and the speed can reach 240 meters/hour.So in terms of capacity, you can rest assured that we can respond promptly to large orders.

In addition, it is not only the improvement of the machine, but also the emergence of high-end new technologies in ink. The improvement of ink also makes the color more gorgeous and the color fastness higher in the production. Of course, the high-quality ink is also more environmentally friendly, so we can rest assured that we can use it.

Now the development of digital printing technology and accessories is getting faster and faster, digital printing is difficult to think of fire.

Our company began to develop all-cotton digital printing towel technology in 2012. In 2016, we installed the first high-speed digital printing machine capable of stable mass production. In 2017, we introduced the second world-advanced all-imported Zimmer high-speed digital printing machine.So far, our company has accumulated 9 years of digital printing experience and technology, and has about 5 years of experience in stable mass production. Our technology and product quality are in the leading position in the industry.

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