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A good way to clean towels in summer

by:Busyman Towels     2021-03-20

Summer towels are prone to sticky and peculiar smells, mainly because sweat and moisture are attached to the surface of the towels, and they cannot be kept dry frequently. This will cause bacteria to multiply and cause skin diseases and allergies.

The easiest trick to make towels refreshing and remove peculiar smells is: take a basin of clean water, put the towel in it, pour in an appropriate amount of salt, repeatedly scrub for a few minutes, soak for half an hour, and then take out the towel After washing with clean water and drying, there will be no peculiar smell, and the towel must be dried in a ventilated place. In addition, the normal use period of towels should not exceed 3 months, otherwise it will cause a large number of bacteria to breed. Summer is hot and humid. Towels should be washed after use and hung in a ventilated place to dry or dry.

Cotton towels should be used in summer, and should not be too thick or dense, because they will rot if they are thick and dense. It is necessary to clean the oily stains on the surface with soap and disinfect with disinfectant frequently, so that the bacteria are not easy to multiply and are not easy to rot. It is not advisable to use dark-colored towels and towels containing chemical fiber, which will harm the skin and is not easy to use 84 disinfection.

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