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A cloth "covers" everything

A cloth "covers" everything


A hundred stickers cloth that can hold hundreds of things

When EDC is more and more expensive, the requirements for storage will naturally be higher and higher. It is basic to avoid scratching. Besides being portable, it also takes up less space. And these requirements can be met by a hundred stickers.

Don't underestimate this "cloth", it's not simple!

Although the front and back feel similar to ordinary cloth, the magic is that as long as they touch each other, they will "stick" together.

You can put the iPad in it, just fold it a few times like an envelope, and it becomes an iPad exclusive protective case. It can also be used to protect BUSYMAN people!

Facing the special shaped lens, roll it up like sushi to fully protect it.

Even between multiple lenses of different sizes, as long as the hundred stickers on your hand are large enough, the same cloth can be perfectly accommodated.

Like ordinary camera bags and lens bags, this cloth also has a certain waterproof, dustproof and cushioning ability. Naturally, we are not afraid that foreign objects such as keys will scratch the lens or camera.

But the difference is that this cloth can be turned into various "storage bags" according to your needs, which is flexible and practical.

For example, for the student party who goes to the library every day, it always brings a few books and pens. At this time, if you use a backpack, it seems that you are a little "overqualified". After all, half of the space is filled with dissatisfaction. It feels very bad to walk.

But if you use this "BUSYMAN stickers" - textbooks, notebooks and pens can all be taken away in one bag! A "small schoolbag" that can be picked up with one hand will naturally be easier to walk around during recess.

Facing the hardest hit area of girls' bags, this "busyman hundred stickers" can be turned into a "cosmetic bag".

Whether it's a newly bought Chanel lipstick or a favorite powder, you will no longer be afraid of being scratched by foreign matters on the key. It will be more eye-catching when taking photos and printing pictures!

The key point is that there is no need to turn upside down when making up, and it will not make girls' small bags bulge up and destroy their beauty like ordinary cosmetic bags.

When you have a lens storage bag, it may not be used as an iPad protective case or cosmetic bag.

But as long as you have a "busyman hundred stickers", you can turn it into an inner bag, lens bag, iPad protective case, cosmetic bag at any time... It's not too practical!

It can be used as a cleaning cloth

The reason why it can be pasted and closed is that this cloth adopts "polymer material" and special weaving method.

The characteristic of this "polymer material" is that the larger the contact surface between the front and back surfaces, the better the fitting effect will be. Even if the camera shakes a few times, it's not afraid to disperse.

(of course, the fitting effect will change with time, external force and contact area)

The whole cloth feels very special and smooth, so if you find the iPad dirty, you can use it as a wiping cloth to clean it.

If you feel dirty, you can also wash it directly. After drying, the adhesion will be restored as before and can be used again.

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