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3 Reasons Towels Can Be Dirty

3 Reasons Towels Can Be Dirty


How old is your towel?

Are your daily towels clean enough for 3 months, 6 months or a year?

Many people have been continuing the unscientific towel use methods, such as towel multi-purpose, multiple people a towel, not broken not changed, not only affect people's quality of life, but also harm everyone's health.

The China Home Textiles Association conducted a survey on towel use habits in five cities, and found that 65 percent of respondents did not know the correct way to use towels, and 35 percent of people sometimes had slight itching on their face, but did not know that it might be caused by towels.

In investigation and investigation, Chinese home textile association undertook colony detection to 167 towel, the result shows, most towel contains the bacterium such as bacterium of staphylococcus aureus, white read cocci, coliform.Peking University People's Hospital also conducted an experiment:

Bacterial culture was conducted on fresh towels, towels that had been used for 3 months and towels that had been used for over 6 months. Results show that calculated per square centimeters, the new towel colony in 100 on the orders of magnitude, 3 months of towel colony in ten thousand, the order of magnitude with 6 months of towel, almost full colony on petri dishes, estimates that in one million, the order of magnitude, mainly of gram positive bacteria and staphylococcus aureus, e. coli and other disease-causing bacteria. These bacteria are normal in the human gut, but if they invade a wound, they can cause an infection.

What are the reasons for this?

In fact, the towel in addition to separate use, but also need to be often in the sun, often wash, often sterilization.

Otherwise, the towel becomes a place to hide dirt and dirt, and this is true for three reasons:

1. Towels are basically cotton fabrics, which can store a lot of water, and humidity is the most important condition for bacteria to survive.

2. Towels are often placed in a humid environment, and lack of direct sunlight, which directly creates good conditions for the breeding of bacteria.

3. The special structure of the towel makes it easy to be stained with dirty things, and all kinds of oil, dander, dust, sweat and other accumulated on it. If not cleaned regularly, it will lead to multiplication of bacteria.

How should the towel be washed?

● The towel is sticky

1. Put 2 tablespoons of salt in a bowl, then add boiling water to melt the salt.

2. Soak the towel completely in water for 15 minutes.

3.15 minutes later, take out the towel, rinse it with clean water several times and wring it out. The towel will be dry again.

● The towel becomes hard

1. Heat the rice washing water in a pot and pour it into a basin.

2. Put the towel in the bowl and let it soak for 10 minutes.

3. Take out a towel and rinse with cold water before wringing it out.

● towel odor

1. Pour hot water into the washing machine, add a cup of white vinegar and a cup of baking soda, and stir well.

2. Put the towel in and soak for 1 hour.

3. Add white vinegar and detergent again, and wring dry after cleaning.

Toilet must want to clean everyday, air is basked in, a week is cleaned greatly, soak with washing liquid, white vinegar or salt namely clean, can restrain the growth of bacterium so. However, this simple cleaning method can not play the role of efficient sterilization, depending on the following methods:

● Microwave disinfection method

Soak the towels and put them in a crisper, then put the crisper in the microwave and bake on high heat for 3 to 5 minutes.

● Chemical disinfection method

Can buy special disinfectant, hot water and right amount of disinfectant into the towel, soak for 15 minutes or so, and then clean with clean water, air drying and then use.

● Cooking towel disinfection method

Put the clean towel without oil stains into the pot, add water to the towel, add a little salt, and cook on a high fire. Once the water boils for a few minutes, turn down the fire, continue to cook for 15 minutes, and then let it cool down and dry.

In addition, when we choose towels, remember to choose high-quality towels to buy and use, and use after 3 months, please remember to replace.

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